Dan Snyder’s future as Commanders owner in doubt: NFL owners “counting votes”

Dan Snyder Commanders
Dan Snyder, co-owner and co-CEO of the Washington Commanders, poses for photos during an event to unveil the NFL football team’s new identity, Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

The Washington Commanders could soon be looking for a new owner. As reported this weekend by USA Today, NFL owners are “counting votes” to potentially remove Dan Snyder as the owner of the franchise

This is just the latest in a series of news stories that have clouded the longtime owner’s future in the NFL.

In 2020, the Commanders franchise was accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace by 15 women who were former employees of Snyder’s.

The story from the Washington Post expanded later in the year as over 25 women came forward with past stories of sexual misconduct.

Snyder declined all accusations, and the NFL opened a special investigation into the matter that did not include a written report.

This past April, after an accusation from a former employee, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform to the Federal Trade Commission sent a 20-page letter saying that the Commanders “may have engaged in a troubling, long-running and potentially unlawful pattern of financial conduct.”

The accusation from the former employee also states that there were two different financial books that showed two different financial statuses of the organization.

It appears that other owners are reaching their limit.

If Snyder were to be removed as owner of the Commanders, 24 of 32 votes (75% majority) amongst the owners are needed.

In the league’s 102-year history, no owner has ever been voted out. It’s an unspoken understanding that the league and its leaders look to protect one another when scandals do arise and there has been precedent of the league being silent on owner’s transgressions.

Still, with accusations of corporate malfeasance and sexual misconduct running rampant in Washington, it appears that the NFL is very close to reaching an unprecedented level with one of its least popular owners.

Snyder has been the owner of the Washington franchise since 1999 when he purchased the team for $750 million. At the time, Washington was the most profitable franchise in the NFL rivaling that of the Dallas Cowboys.

Since buying the team, Snyder’s franchise has fallen to as low as the eighth-most profitable organization. In fact, in 2021, Forbes announced that the Washington Commanders had grown in value by over 20% — the first time ever the franchise increased its value under Dan Snyder.

This is also not the first and only scandal the NFL is dealing with in regards to one of their owners. Early this offseason, Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross was accused of throwing games while the Giants and Broncos ownership groups were both accused of unfair treatment by current Steelers senior defensive assistant, Brian Flores.

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