NBA odds today, schedule, picks, props: March 29

Luka Doncic injury
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We have a five-game slate tonight in the NBA, so let’s dive into the schedule, odds, and top picks for Tuesday, March 29, 2022.

NBA odds today, March 29

Milwaukee Bucks @ Philadelphia 76ers, 7:00 p.m. ET

  • Bucks last 10: 7-3
  • Bucks ATS: 35-39 (20th)
  • 76ers last 10: 6-4
  • 76ers ATS: 36-37-1 (16th)
  • Over/Under Trends: Three of the Bucks’ last five games have gone under 232 points, including each of their last three games; however, just two of the 76ers’ last five have gone under this total. Five of the last six contests in Philadelphia between these two games have also gone over.
  • The pick: Giannis Antetokounmpo under 5.5 assists
  • Why?: For starters, Giannis has gone under this total in eight of his last ten games. In fact, he’s gone under in each of his last six. The 76ers are also 5th in the NBA in assists allowed per game, which just makes this even harder on Giannis. He will still, obviously, be the focal point of the Bucks’ offense, but I’d expect more focus on him scoring the ball, as he’s done exceptionally well lately, and less on him facilitating.


Chicago Bulls @ Washington Wizards, 7:00 p.m. ET

  • Bulls last 10: 4-6
  • Bulls ATS: 39-35-1 (12th)
  • Wizards last 10: 3-7
  • Wizards ATS: 29-43-2 (29th)
  • Over/Under Trends: Just one of the Bulls’ last five games has gone over 223 points, and remember that they just played last night, so there should be some tired legs. Also, only two of the Wizards’ last five games has gone over this point total.
  • The pick: Kristaps Porzingis over 2.5 assists
  • Why?: Since joining the Wizards, Porzingis has averaged 2.9 assists per game and has gone over this prop in each of his last five games and seven of his last ten. The Bulls are a solid defense but are 16th in assists allowed per game, so they’re not so stifling there that we can’t see the big man, who will touch the ball on most possessions, getting three assists in this game.

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Detroit Pistons @ Brooklyn Nets, 7:30 p.m. ET

  • Pistons last 10: 2-8
  • Pistons ATS: 41-34 (8th)
  • Nets last 10: 7-3
  • Nets ATS: 30-41-4 (28th)
  • Over/Under Trends: Three of the last five Pistons’ games have gone under 234.5 points, and three of the Nets’ last five games have also gone under that total.
  • The pick: Kevin Durant under 2.5 threes and Isaiah Stewart under 0.5 threes
  • Why?: Let’s take some unders in a game that shouldn’t be overly competitive. We’ll start with Stewart, who is a center for the Pistons and has attempted just six total threes in March. We’re getting this bet because he went 2-3 from beyond the arc in his last game against the Knicks but, as we just mentioned, he rarely ever shoots threes, only has six made threes all year, and the Nets have the 10th best defense against threes. We’ll also take the under on Durant who should see a lot of the bench in a potential blowout, and who has also gone under this total in six of his last ten and three of his last five.


Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks, 7:30 p.m ET

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  • Lakers last 10: 3-7
  • Lakers ATS: 31-41-2 (24th)
  • Mavs last 10: 6-4
  • Mavs ATS: 41-32-2 (5th)
  • Over/Under Trends: Four of the Lakers’ last five games have gone over 219 total points, but just one of the Mavs’ last five games has gone over that total. In fact, each of the Mavs’ last five home games has hit the under.
  • The pick: Spencer Dinwiddie over 3.5 assists, Luka Doncic under 9.5 rebounds
  • Why?: These two bets all come down to the type of game this should be. The Mavs like to play at a slower pace and are simply the far superior team. The slower pace means fewer shots, and the discrepancy in talent means that Doncic could see more minutes on the bench or be less aggressive, which would mean he would fall short of this rebound prop. He’s also only hit this prop in four of his last ten games and two of those efforts were 10-rebound efforts where he just got there. If Doncic is less aggressive then that would mean other Mavericks players are more involved, which could mean Dinwiddie, who averages 4.3 assists per game in March could beat this prop against a Lakers team that is 27th in assists allowed per game.


Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Clippers, 10:00 p.m. ET

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  • Jazz last 10: 4-6
  • Jazz ATS: 31-42-2 (27th)
  • Clippers last 10: 2-8
  • Clippers ATS: 36-39 (17th)
  • Over/Under Trends: Four of the Jazz’s last five games have gone under 217.5 points, which just one of the Clippers’ has. They have had three of their last five go over and one push. The Clippers are 11th in the league in points against and the Jazz are 10th, so points should be hard to come by.
  • The pick: Royce O’Neale over 4.5 rebounds
  • Why?: The one area where the Clippers’ defense is below average is against rebounds, where they rank 28th in the NBA in rebounds allowed per game. We know Hassan Whiteside is out for this game and Rudy Gobert may be less than 100% since he missed Monday’s game with a leg injury. The Clippers also like to play a lot of small ball, which should mean consistent minutes for O’Neale, who has averaged 33 minutes and 4.2 rebounds over his last ten games. Factoring in how poor a rebounding team the Clippers are, he should be able to push over that total.


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