2022 NHL Draft Lottery: How to watch, odds, more

NHL Draft Lottery
Courtesy of the NHL

While the playoffs chug along, the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery will be carried out on Tuesday night to decipher the selection order of the 16 non-playoff teams whose seasons ended last month.

NHL Draft Lottery Date, Time, How to Watch

  • Date: Tuesday, May 10
  • Time: 6:30 p.m. ET
  • Where: NHL Network Studios, Secaucus, NJ
  • TV: ESPN
  • Live Stream: ESPN+

How does the NHL Draft Lottery work?

The draft lottery ranks the 16 teams that did not make the playoffs in inverse order based on where they finished in the standings.

The team that finished the 2021-22 season with the worst record has the best odds of winning the No. 1 overall pick with the percentages decreasing for each team moving down the order.

One draw is carried out to pick the winner of the No. 1 pick and a second drawing is held to decipher the second and third picks.

The remaining 13 picks are determined by inverse order of the standings.

This year, however, lottery winners can only move up a maximum of 10 spots from where they finished in the standings. So if the No. 14 Winnipeg Jets win the lottery, the highest they can pick is 4th.

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2022 NHL Draft Lottery odds

  1. Montreal Canadiens: 18.5%
  2. Arizona Coyotes: 13.5%
  3. Seattle Kraken: 11.5%
  4. Philadelphia Flyers: 9.5%
  5. New Jersey Devils: 8.5%
  6. Chicago Blackhawks: 7.5%
  7. Ottawa Senators: 6.5%
  8. Detroit Red Wings: 6.0%
  9. Buffalo Sabres: 5.0%
  10. Anaheim Ducks: 3.5%
  11. San Jose Sharks: 3.0%
  12. Columbus Blue Jackets: 2.5% (Can pick no higher than 2nd)
  13. New York Islanders: 2.0% (Can pick no higher than 3rd)
  14. Winnipeg Jets: 1.5% (Can pick no higher than 4th)
  15. Vancouver Canucks: 0.5% (Can pick no higher than 5th)
  16. Vegas Golden Knights: 0.5% (Can pick no higher than 6th)

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